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I Am Evolving: Insights From An Entrepreneur



Wow what an Affirmation for today! ⁣

I am evolving!!!⁣

Are you Evolving? Am I Evolving? Gosh I hope so! ⁣

What does this mean to me? ⁣

I believe we have to ask the hard questions everyday to see where we are on our journeys!⁣

Here are a few:⁣

Am I showing up for me daily? ⁣

Am I checking off my workout calendar? ⁣

Am I being consistent with my nutrition? ⁣

Am I being better than I was yesterday? ⁣

All of these can help us do a daily or weekly assessment of where we are on our fit journey. ⁣

Are you asking the tough questions? ⁣

Self reflection creates space for growth. You've got this! Check out this video to hear more of my personal perspective.

Love ya,

Missy Meaux

Live. Love. Light


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