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Here's the reality...

If we are OBSESSED with the end result we will miss the lessons to be learned in the PROCESS.  There are no shortcuts to being physically fit but we can lay a FOUNDATION that will help you stay CONSISTENT and motivated even through the darkest of times! This thing is a PROCESS. No way around it. The physical work we put in to STRENGTHEN our bodies and minds is the cornerstone for lasting health and being “FAITHFULLY FIT”. 

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Whether you are INCREASING the weight in any given workout, pushing through obstacles, reading a life-giving article, or learning to eat clean…it all makes a world of DIFFERENCE.

Fitness Programs

Check these programs out!

Anyone else find it hard to fit their workout in 5+ days a week? I love the flexibility this program offers as it challenges you to get stronger while giving your body ample "time off"! Check it out!


Click HERE for LIIFT 4

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Cool Stuff

morning meltdown 100.png

The sense of accomplishment you'll feel will be incredible when you complete this 100 day workout program and you will learn so much about consistency, habits, and the importance of a morning routine to get your day started off on the right track!


Click HERE for Morning Meltdown 100

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Athletic Woman With Kettlebells

If you're like me and you want to lift your booty, tone your abs and arms, and dial in your nutrition THIS is the program for you!  

Click HERE for 80 Day Obsession

I love this workout for LOW IMPACT (no jumping or weights),  HIGH INTENSITY (trust me you'll sweat!), and the fact that you’ll work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of your body with Pilates infused yoga moves!     

Click HERE for PiYo

If you like kickboxing style workouts that chisel your core and glutes this workout is AMAZING! I love the trainers and their chemistry... makes you fell like you're right there with them! 

Click HERE for Core De Force

This program is LIFE CHANGING as you will learn easy methods for portion control (without starving) which is key to loosing weight and  changing health habits as a whole. The workouts are short, sweet, and to the point!


Click HERE for 21 Day Fix

Beacboy On Demand

If you like OPTIONS then this is for you! Get your workout wherever you want, when you want, how you want it! Click


Click HERE for On Demand

Click HERE for BEST Value of BOD

Workout with ME!

You don't have to do this alone... click here  to join our healthy community!

You already have your crown, now wear it...

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'Be A Better You' Accountability Group

"Missy is an exceptional coach. I have turned to her multiple times for help and she has always responded quickly with an abundance of support. She also seems to check on me just at the right times...right when I need that extra support."

  -Patti L.

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