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It's no secret...

We all have HURDLES that life brings our way. It’s a constant push and pull, trying to figure out the RIGHT FORMULA for any given mental and physical challenge so that you can stay in an overall state of BALANCE and contentment. 

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I want you to be ENCOURAGED through the storms and peaceful times… and everything in between!  Whether it’s DECIDING to get up early so you can get your workout in before you go to work, choosing the fruit instead of greasy french fries, or changing your PERSPECTIVE so you can see from another point of view, know you aren't alone! I know that it’s the little things that add up to a HEALTHIER happier version of you but you are capable of getting there, and,  in turn, you can LIGHT UP OTHERS!

Life Building Courses


Find Your Light


Press On


Baby Steps 

If you're like me, you've let your goals and dreams fall by the wayside, if not forgetting them altogether. Girl. That's not who you were meant to be! You were made for a purpose and those dreams are not just fairy-tales that will never come to be, but God-given desires that have simply been overshadowed by the pain and circumstances you've experienced. I am excited to share my experiences and how I overcame the negative thoughts that plagued me everyday and help YOU to do the same so you can be on your way to the best version of yourself!


Life can be rough. Pressing on through tough challenges with tenacity and motivation to continue can sometimes seem impossible. I want to help you not only persevere through these conflicting times, but come out an even stronger person than before, excited about what the future holds with the tools to face even the most difficult of days!

You know what eating healthy looks like, but implementing those habits is a whole other story. I want to help you get back to the basics of nutrition and fitness with "baby steps" that are sure to get you started and keep you moving in a healthy direction!


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Find Yor Light
Press On
Baby Steps
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Come spend the day with us as we discover keys to great mental and physical health, enjoy girl time including a light workout, healthy meal demos, great discussion and more!

Goals get accomplished when they matter to you" - Missy


'Be A Better You' Accountability Group

"Missy knows what I need sometimes even before I do. When I’m having a rough time she is there to help pull me thru it and motivate me to be the best version of myself."

—  Lisa G.


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