Grilling 101- Is it done yet?

Now that more people are using the grilling option both inside and outside it is important to know the biggest question of the day. Is it done?

Grill Master

One big tip for grillers is to have a thermometer nearby. This takes the guesswork out of cooking and also takes you out of the danger zone with meats. All meat is different, and you will notice that some cuts are thinner, some thicker, some are multiple pieces of meat cooking at one time and another day it may be one thing cooking. It is important that you not eye the meat for doneness, although that is something that can come over time and with repeated grilling.

What’s the Temp?

Know your Target temperatures.

  • Chicken

Medium-Well: 155 degrees Fahrenheit Well: 165 degrees Fahrenheit

Watch for juices to run clear which means the pink meat near the bone is cooked off. If meat is pulling away from the bone, it may be overcooked.

  • Burgers (Beef and Turkey, Etc.)

Rare: 125 degrees Fahrenheit Medium-Rare: 135 degrees Fahrenheit Medium: 150 degrees Fahrenheit Medium-Well: 155 degrees Fahrenheit Well: 160 degrees Fahrenheit

The leaner the meat, the less juicy it will be. Watch out, so those buffalo and sirloin burgers are not overcooked.

  • Beef and Lamb

Rare: 125 degrees Fahrenheit Medium-Rare: 135 degr