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5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season...Despite the Chaos!

1. Commit to (at least) 64oz of pure water a day.

The simple truth is your body needs water.. and lots of it! With pumpkin spiced lattes and tasty beverages available around every corner, you've got to be intentional about getting enough H20 in your system this time of year! An easy way to make sure you get it all in is commit to 8oz first thing when you wake up, before bed, and before every meal... that's around 40oz already! You can do this although it might take some extra effort! Infuse your water with your favorite fruits or veggies for a crisp delight!

2. Set your alarm for a bed time and wake time (at least 8hrs)

Yes, I know you've got things to do! But trust me, you will get a lot more done if you've had enough rest. Your body and brain needs it! So want to get the most out of each day? Make the most of your pillow for a designated amount of time! I also suggest putting a little lavender blend of essential oil behind your ears before you hit the sack... it will help ease your mind and senses.

3. Begin your day with a devotional

There are soooo many great options when it comes to devotionals! But all of them have a similar concept in common: Help YOU start your day off on the right foot! So whether you use social media, email, or hard copy to inspire you and refresh your soul, just choose to begin your day in a positive way! I'd love to hear about and share your favorite devotional as well! Share in comments below! Here's a new favorite: Unshakeable by Christine Caine

4. Choose to have fruits or veggies 1st at every meal

This one takes some serious discipline, but just like you may have heard growing up, eating the healthy stuff first will ensure you get enough! So go ahead, reach for the strawberries and carrots BEFORE diving into that party casserole! Your body will thank you... and so will your waistline.

5. Burn your favorite candle scent

Aroma therapy is a real thing! And the more you have relaxing scents surrounding you the more your mind will be at ease. So whether its diffusing essential oils, lighting candles (this one is my favorite!!!), burning incense, or just boiling some apples and cinnamon on the stove, ignite those senses and bring some much needed calm into you day!

Live. Love. Light.

Love ya!



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