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5 Steps For Quit-Proofing Your Life

Hey Girlie,

Let’s face it Throwing in the Towel on our health and fitness goals is so much easier than sticking to what we said we do in the first place. I mean, trust me, none of us wake up on that crazy day that it happens and think ok this is the day I am going to QUIT on ME. I mean come on that’s not at all how it works, right? It’s literally more like a million little things that come at us one by one is all directions and then all of a sudden we find ourselves making one split decision after another and 5-7 days later we are sitting in the ring holding the towel and asking ourselves what in the hell just happened? Or was that just me all those times before it wasn’t?

I don’t know about you but this is exactly how it used to always happen for me. Until one day I decided that enough was enough and that I was going to change and choose to do something different.

You know the easy part to to all this is starting because let’s face it you are motivated and you are ready to change. In that emotional state you know and feel that it’s going to be fantastic and that you are ready to conquer the world. You see here’s the crazy twist that happens to us. It’s when life hits the fan and things start happening all around us. We start shifting our priorities and start focusing on everyone else and their needs and start forgetting about us and what we want. Are you a people pleaser too?

It’s like everything we said we would do in the beginning starts getting further away from us because honestly you kind of forget all of it. Unless you become super focused and intentional about you and your priorities, nothing will ever change my friend. I mean let's be honest, we need all the help we can get because it gets hard taking off that hot sweaty sports bra off not to mention when the shininess wears off all our new cute gym shoes and shorts.

I found that I have to be reminded at least twice a day. You will find that reminding yourself of why you decided to do this twice a day will help you in so many ways. You see it’s in those not so fun times that we start having those crazy Towel in the Ring Throwing thoughts. I mean it’s crazy how it happens so fast and before we know it somehow it just does...we THROW IN THE TOWEL and inadvertently QUIT ON OURSELVES sending us into a negative mindset loop that feeds that whole brain hardware wiring thing. Then we just start believing that we will never be able to do what she does or look like she does or feel like she does or you know just fill in the blank for yourself on this one.

Look I know it sounds harsh but it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s what I figured out and this is what I want to share with you so you can beat that Throw in the Towel Mindset and this time do something totally different.

Yes, you heard me! I know you can become the person you always dreamed of becoming which is really just YOU but the best and most healthy version of you. So do yourself a favor, take these steps. I know you've got it in you. YOU GOT THIS!

Love ya,



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