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You Are Strong and Capable!

There are so many daily occurrences that can make us women doubt ourselves. Between mothering, careering, house keeping, relationship maintaining, and a plethora of other situations (hormones included!) that play a part in making us feel unqualified, incapable, and less than I need you to remember you were created for greatness and you are always STRONGER than you give yourself credit for. Remember whatever you are struggling with right now is exactly where you need to be in this present moment... so be there and channel your inner strength (and a LOT of help from Heaven) to help you get to the other side. What may feel like quick sand is really just your own self-limiting beliefs about what you can and cannot do with your life (and what God is able to accomplish through you). You are going to make it out of the quick sand, I promise, but you have to dig deep and crawl your way out; this can be in the form of relentless prayer for wisdom, guidance, and peace as well as just taking one day at a time. Just start moving and it will come. Trust me, whatever it is that you find on the other side, it’s exactly where you are meant to be. Even if just for a season... and in every season there is something to learn and grown from so that you come out even stronger than before!

When it comes to the nay-sayers and those who want to stomp on your dreams (even sometimes unknowingly) I want to encourage you to keep a list of people who really matter to you and that you know their opinion of you matters. Trust me my list is so dang short that I forget to look at it.

So ask yourself who’s opinion of you really matters? I bet your list is as short as mine.

I know you have the potential to be incredible in so many GO! Be AMAZING and BRILLIANT and SHINE your INNER LIGHT so others can see you today.


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