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Working IT Out Together

"Couples who workout together, stay together"...ughhh I used to judge and compare myself to others from this one little statement for the longest time...have you done this too? ⁣

I call BS on this statement and here’s why....⁣

I used to always watch my friends who were coaches workout with their hubbies and think to myself, "Wow look how amazing that is...I wish my hubby and I would do that too!!! That would be so cool!"

Guess what? I couldn’t even get my hubby to workout with me ever because I was a little too "coachie" but I kept seeing those posts and kept thinking and comparing. I knew our marriage was strong so that saying wasn’t all that true because we had made it through so much stuff but never let it get to us. Maybe the truth of the saying just forgot a word “it” and it should be “Working it out together” and because damn we are pretty darn good at doing that for sure and staying together. ⁣

So here is my SPOILER ALERT when I finally stopped comparing our relationship to others regarding this statement and let it go was exactly the time he needed to figure it out all by himself. ⁣

I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Inviting him to join me and then when he wouldn’t I would just keep showing up for me and others who were ready!! He finally joined me in October and nope we don’t do the same workouts but who cares he joined me.

You see I had to just keep showing up for MEEEEEEEEEEEEE and my tribe and not him directly! ⁣

It was about his personal journey! You see we have no control over other people’s ambitions, wants, drives, or health journey!! ⁣

It is up to them and them alone to decide when they are ready and willing to start their journey and stick with it!!⁣

So stop beating yourself up if your loved ones are not joining you on this amazing journey of health and fitness!!! Remember the old saying, “ you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!” Boom!!! It’s the same thing!!! When they are thirsty enough, they will drink!!! ⁣

I love you Chris and I am so proud of you for finally getting THIRSTY ENOUGH to start drinking the water!!!

You all can too! Reach out.. I am here for you!

Love ya!

Missy Meaux

Live. Love. Light.


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