The Struggle Is Worth It

Welcome to 2019, ready or not!

I just want you to know that everything that is worth anything in your life like your family, your marriage, your kids, your health, your “calling”, your purpose, your work, your dreams, your friends, your life, you know like everything you want in this precious and incredible life that you have is worth it all.

It’s worth the sweat equity, it’s worth the fight, it’s worth the late nights, it’s worth the mistakes, the failures, the missed opportunities, the love, the loss, the ups, the downs, the tears of joy, the tears of feeling pissed off at times, the tears of compassion, the fear of what others will think of you, the fear of missing out, all of it it’s simply worth all of it!

Just don’t miss any of it! Embrace the suck and make it yours because just when you think things are never going to get better, this POWER GREATER THAN YOU and ME, our Father in Heaven who shows up and takes you places you only dreamed of, or read about in magazines, or saw on Social media.

So remember that you have this fresh slate starting this January 2019 and now it’s up to you to push forward. I decided 28 years ago that I was I going to ride it or die trying. So far I have made it through a divorce, becoming a single divorced mom at the young age of 20; turned 21 with my 8 month baby girl and ate my favorite Brownie Cake and vowed to protect her at all costs regardless of what others thought of me; drove 2 hours a day to get through nursing school and went into debt for it...BUT completed it! I've failed at a few crazy relationships, but then found this amazing guy who was a blast from my past, Chris, but this time God hand His hand in it. 25 years ago our story or let’s say the ride of our life began. We went to top of the mountain and rolled down to the bottom together but we never looked back and we just kept on getting back up together. Was it pretty? Um, no... but worth it? Heck yesssss❤️. We had our amazing son. We raised an amazing daughter who married an amazing man who loves all of her and we had our first grandbaby girl in 2018 and now we are waiting for Grand Baby number 2... and whoop whoop it’s a Boy💙 look out 2019!

I am just so grateful for it all.