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The Skinny On (Good) Friendships

Be the friend you want to have and attract. It's really that SIMPLE. A true friend isn't just someone you know of, but someone you know, someone who chooses YOU over other things in their life. They choose to make you a priority, they stick up for you instead of nonchalantly nodding along when you name comes up in conversation, they forgive your worst PMS-y days and can sympathize with your struggles...even if they cannot fully relate.

A friend loves at all times, even when it's inconvenient. True friendship proves itself over and over.... and sometimes that just looks like sticking by someone's side when the going gets tough!

But getting to this place in a friendship isn't overnight and it's not without mistakes. There will be bumps and hurdles, failed moments along with disappointments. Times where you just know you could have handled things differently. It's ok. It happens to all of us. BE the friend who is quick to forgive and gives the other person the Benefit of the Doubt (BOD) and it will be returned in your favor when it's YOU who screw up. And we all do!

I am so proud of the friend you are aspiring to become and I know you will attract people with those amazing qualities as well!

Love ya!

Missy Meaux

Live. Love. Light.


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