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The Fountain Of Youth

Flexibility is the Fountain of Youth they say. Aging in reverse is always my goal and it seems to be going pretty good so far.

So I guess I better stay in this fountain and play some more for sure.

Guys, I didn’t realize just how much my muscles actually needed this new yoga workout we got to do today on BOD. It was perfect as I followed my Day #8 of #MBF Core Circuit workout with this yoga basics and mobility workout! One of our Yoga Master Trainers, Vytas, released it today as part of our Beachbody Summit group workouts. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see such progress in my balance as I almost bit the dust only once or twice.

There is just something that is pure magic about the last moments of doing yoga when you get to sit and just meditate for a bit. Swipe to see what I mean. I was feeling Pure Bliss in this state of Grace.

Are you one of those super flexible girls? I am not but I am definitely a work in progress. I know if I keep practicing I will get better and better!

Love ya!

Missy Meaux

Live. love. Light.


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