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Staying Down Is A Choice

This quote really stood out to me recently: "Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice!"

Believing in yourself is the first action you can take and if you don’t believe in you yet then ACT AS IF you do so that you can bring those positive vibes to yourself and others!

Do you think I knew how to be mom when I had my first baby at 20 ?

Do you think just because I got a pretty little Bachelors degree in Nursing that I knew how to nurse?

Do you think I knew how to be a badass Director of Nursing and lead a team of 150 nurses and nurse assistants in a division of nursing I had never worked in?

Do you think I knew how to be a 5 Star wife and support my entrepreneurial hubby through the thick and thin times from the start?

Do you think I knew how to be the amazing mentor and health and nutrition coach that I am today?

Let me spell it out for you HELLLLLL NOOOOO BUT here’s the thing I did that most won't do but need to do starting now:


Ask for help.

Learn from others.

Utilize your resources.

Repeat until your last breath.

You can and will get back up and RISE, MY FRIEND. If I can, then you can!

Now go kick some A$$ today and "act" as if you know what the hell you are doing because it will come to you and it will start to happen for you.

Remember the choice is get your rear end up and get to it you got amazing things to create and accomplish in this world.

Love ya!



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