Starting the New Year with Purpose and a Plan!

Where do you find yourself mindset-wise as you head into the new year? Do you make extravagant promises with yourself about the "new person" you are going to be or the "new shape" you are going to create with better eating and fitness? A better question is really at what point do you give up and feel like a failure, year after year? It can be a crazy cycle that is hard to break. But I've got a couple ideas for you so that you can have a successful 2019 and feel like you've definitely moved forward.

Let me start off by saying I am not referring to "New Year's Resolutions"... its more than that! This is about planning to succeed... yet NOT making goals and resolutions that are extremely hard to follow through with (because really... we all must plan on life "happening"). So here are three things you can do to start the year off right... and finish it victoriously!

1. Make a SHORT list of priorities for 2019

The reality is that I am sure that you could go on and on with a list of what's important to you, but you've got to narrow it down and be specific for 2019. Write them down or print them out and put them in at least 2 places that you will see daily. Then, let your daily decisions revolve around fulfilling your priorities.

Again one of the most important things is that your priorities are specific and simple in nature. For example, last year I had a priority of being a "better mom", but I made it more specific by saying that my priority was to help my then 14 year old son and 10 year old daughter have the resources they needed to make puberty transitions smoother. So throughout the year I kept my eyes open for resources and opportunities to support this priority. (SKIP to #2 OR for more specific details keep reading ;) )

For my son I found a few books and devotionals that were written specifically for adolescent boys as well as a YouTube channel of a funny, entertaining, yet wholesome 20-something year old who has fun videos about things boys care about (Blimey Cow). I also made it a point to make sure I allowed for plenty of "guy time" at my house where my son and his friends made funny YouTube challenge videos, pranked each other, and pulled video game all nighters in the back yard. I tried to look for any and all opportunities he and my husband could spend some quality together including on "guys trips" camping in the desert and practicing at the local shooting range. Boys need "side to side" time where they just "be" with each other ( I learned some amazing things about parenting boys in this book that I HIGHLY recommend called Mother and Son: The Respect Effect...which aligned with my priority). I picked up a book called