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Desiring Success: Insights From an Entrepreneurs's Wife

As an entrepreneur you cannot predict the day or the hour that success will "officially" take place. You just have to keep on keeping on, knowing that the time you spend investing in your passion will one day pay off in one way or another. Though you surely desire a massive launch, a satisfied client, a pay raise, or an award honoring your achievements, you must keep your eyes on the "actual" prize: the growth, wisdom, insight, and bliss that comes alongside any little (of big) victories! The reality is that just about everything in life takes time and persistence. Don't compare your day 10 with someones day 100. Just keep doing the best you know to do and one day, in one way or another, you will find the success you desire!

Congratulations to my amazing husband for being chosen as the Entrepreneur of the Year for Gulf Coast Region


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