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Never Miss A Monday: Insights From An Entrepreneur

I Never Miss a Monday unless of course I am sick. Ok so now that we cleared that up, you may ask WHY? It’s simple really and it comes down to a few things about what you want your week to look like. It sets your week up for success. You start taking care of you first thing on Monday morning. You are telling yourself that you are a PRIORITY in your life. You are giving yourself PERMISSION to take care of you first before everyone and everything else comes swinging for you.

Simple enough? Yes, I know but extremely Challenging that’s why my Accountability Groups work. It’s about making every EFFORT and CHOICE within your POWER to set yourself up for SUCCESS. So now here’s the question you need to ask yourself~

Am I doing all that I can do within my POWER to take care of me and my health today? I know my answer. Love ya! Missy Meaux

Live. Love. Light


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