My Two Cents on Meditation

Steps to get you started...

Ok let’s not overthink this let’s just get you started.

The time you spend overthinking it or telling yourself that you just can’t sit still or be quiet for that long is just a self-limiting belief you keep playing on repeat in your head. Yes...tough love here but it’s true... you know how I know it’s true? Because I used to buy into those excuses as well.

So let’s just agree to stop feeding the negativity and just start feeding the positivity by committing to start. .

Today, I mostly use guided meditations but I get into silence daily for about 5-10 minutes. Yep that’s right 5-10 minutes not 20 or 30 minutes. I learned a long time ago to keep it super simple and in just 5-10 minutes a good day I get back so much more than if I never started.

So let me ask you this...what do you have to lose? Nothing right....Why? Because not starting keeps you exactly where you are and it doesn’t expand you. .


Did you know adding a meditation practice to your morning or evening routine actually expands your time?