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Move Past Your Yesterday

Yesterday is done. Learn from it and let it go. Do you know what happens when you obsessively think of all the regrets of yesterday and worry about your future? You are totally pissing on today and all the amazing ideas and actions you are going to take right now and right here because you my friend are friggin’ fantabulous!! Now how that for a way to start your day?

Let me dive a little deeper. You can't change the past. I don't care if that past was 10 seconds ago... it's not changing no matter how much you wish you could go back. But you CAN move forward. You can choose to take the "second" (or 100th) chance and step into a new moment with new aspiration, agenda, choices, and opportunities. I was recently watching this TV show called "Manifest" about an airline that went missing for 5 years... unbeknownst to the passengers (to them it'd only been a couple hours from take off to touch down). When they landed to the surprise of the entire world they learned that all their friends and family had moved on with their lives, and as much as it wasn't their preference, they all got a second chance at life. A quote that stood out to me between two of the characters was this: "Everyone deserves a free pass... take yours". I thought this was pretty profound since so many times we can be stuck punishing ourselves for deeds of the past instead of taking our "new morning" and just moving forward.

I don't know what this looks like for you but I do know that hanging around the past (or worrying about the future) is literally a waste of your life. And your life is precious. Your Heavenly Father knows that more than anyone! So my suggestion is to seek his comfort, peace, and guidance... as well as next steps. You can do this! We are in this together!

Love ya,



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