Mindset Monday

Mindset Monday! Get it in and get it done! You will never regret getting your workout in early because it truly sets you up for a Monday of Success and that means a week of success!! I used to play mind tricks with myself to get in the habit of working out on Mondays! They used to be my off day as I would always workout on Saturday and Sunday. .

Here’s what I would tell myself... .

1) If I get it done today and something happens this week that makes me miss another day then I will only have 1 to make up not 2 this weekend. .

2) if I get it done on Monday Morning then I will have more energy to deal with everything I am about to walk into at work. .

3) if I don’t snooze the alarm and just get up then I will not be disappointed in myself for breaking a promise to me. .

4) I matter and I deserve this. .

5) sweating it out is better than not .


7)You got this💪🏻 .