How to Be at Peace if You Haven’t Reached Your Goal Yet

Author: Isabelle Daikeler, BOD Blog

You may ask yourself, “How do I have ambition toward a goal, but not allow the fact that I haven’t achieved it yet cause me to feel depressed or frustrated about my present situation?” I see this frustration a lot, both in myself and others. It’s a very common question because of the crisis we are all facing right now with our state of happiness.

It’s important to remember. The experiences that we have in our lives are reflections of what we are experiencing within ourselves. For example, we know that if we are in a bad mood we are more likely to yell at our child, be more defensive with others, not listen and really hear people, and so on. Therefore, we are creating an outward reality that reflects our internal mood. And sometimes we have days where everything flows – we get up, we feel good, we feel peaceful and conversations go well throughout the day, and we think that it just happened to be a good day. However, you actually created that goodness by having a positive internal state.

What happens in our lives is a reflection of what is happening internally.

When you have a goal, you may feel like the present moment is not enough in some way, and you will only be happy if you accomplish that goal. But think about the example I just gave. If you are disgruntled, dissatisfied, or feeling incomplete while you are setting up the goals that you expect will make you happy…those two emotions don’t go together.

The key is how you position yourself toward that goal. If you are feeling good, happy and satisfied with your present life as you take baby steps toward reaching your goal, then odds are you will recreate that positive mood as part of a new situation transpiring in your life.

Even if you were unhappy all along and you still accomplished your goal, you still won’t be happy even after your goal is attained. You still won’t feel satisfied because you’ve trained your mind not to be content with whatever is happening in the present moment. You’ve trained your mind to always want something you don’t have. There is no contentment, no peace. So, even if you attain your goal, odds are that you won’t feel the way you thought it was going to feel when you first imagined it, and you may have created a lot of other stumbling blocks in your life.