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Embracing Your Season

Fall leaves turning colors always happen year after year but did you ever stop and think about the simplicity (and possible deeper meaning) behind it? Things change and you and I change and we evolve because we are always growing and learning. As we shed old beliefs, habits, or patterns of thinking that may have held us back in the past we must believe that this is part of the process. The process of RISING up to meet our best self and highest potential. I want to encourage you to embrace the change...don’t run from it as we often want to. Be like the tree deeply rooted as it’s leaves are changing from fresh green to warm earthy tones falling one at a time. We don’t see her running but standing firm, swaying in the newer, crisper Autumn breezes...embracing the bends and the shedding process.

For a season, the leaves will turn these beautiful hues of orange, crimson, citron, and amber and gently fall one at a time to the ground beneath it. Then, as if suddenly, we will see it there standing bare, ready to bear the harsh winter and not be pulled down by the promised elements of winter. Like the bare tree, you will be standing in the your most amazing truth with wonderful things to come. All you have to do is lean in to this process. Can you feel a change in you coming? Are you struggling with or embracing the change? .

Remember you are strongly rooted like the tree and you will make it through this shedding of the old. It’s the only way to get to your core and find your new truth. So next time you look at the changing colors in the trees ask your self what’s changing in you and take a deep breath and exhale knowing that you are coming.

Love ya,


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It is amazing how God sends you messages right when you need them, and how people who you may not see or visit with much can be so much a part of your life. Although I am a positive person, and live a wonderful life with many blessings, sometimes I (we all) need a boost of energy, and messages to help us on our many paths through this life. Thank you so much for the message "Embracing Your Season". You are truly an inspiration to all women! Love you bunches! Sue

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