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Dressing Up To Work Out

Is your workout fun?

When I first started working out consistently with youtube videos, this cute girl Kathy Ho, taught me that what you "show up" to your workout in matters!

I used to be that girl who wore a baggy t-shirt, parachute shorts, and didn't really care to put any effort into what I wore to work out at the gym... let alone how my hair looked. But here is what I've learned:

Just like dressing up to go out makes you feel good about yourself, when you "get ready" to workout it will ultimately (and maybe subconsciously) make you feel better while working out. When you look put together in any arena in life it will make you feel better and empowered that you are doing something productive. So when you apply this same concept to exercise, you will ultimately get more positive results!

For example, the reason why I wear shirts with motivational phrases on my shirts is because it makes me feel better. It gives me a positive feedback loop every time I see it in the mirror, on a video, or a picture. Those quotes inspire me and make me happy and encouraged. If I wear a funny shirt it keeps my mood light, even through the toughest of reps!

Remember, commitment and discipline concerning exercise are built over time... one day at at time. Making sure you show up to your workout inspired will make each day that much easier!

You've got this!

Missy Meaux

Live. Love. Light.


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