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Homemade Frozen Vanilla Yogurt

Author: Beachbody

Prep Time 10 mins

Cook Time 0 mins

Total Time 6 hrs 10 mins

Servings 4 servings, about ½ cup each


- 2 cups reduced-fat (2%) plain Greek yogurt

- 2 Tbsp raw honey

- ½ vanilla bean, cut in half lengthwise, seeds removed (or ½ tsp. pure vanilla)

- 2 Tbsp reduced-fat (2%) milk


- Combine yogurt, honey, and vanilla bean seeds in a medium bowl; mix well

- .Place mixture in a re-sealable gallon-sized plastic bag. Lay bag flat.

- Spread mixture into an even layer. Press to eliminate air pockets; seal tightly.

- Lay flat in freezer. Freeze for 3 to 4 hours, or until almost firm.

- Break mixture into small pieces.

- Place in food processor (or blender).

- Add milk. Process until very smooth.

- Pour mixture into 8 x 4–inch loaf pan; cover surface with plastic wrap.

- Freeze for 1 to 2 hours, or until mixture is firm but can be scooped.

- Serve immediately.

Recipe Variations:

• Substitute cold, brewed espresso for milk and add 2 teaspoons cacao nibs.

• Substitute unsweetened chocolate almond milk for milk and add ¼ cup coarsely chopped unsweetened dried cherries.

• Substitute ½ tsp. pure coconut extract for vanilla bean seeds and add ¼ cup toasted unsweetened shredded coconut.

• Add ¼ cup chopped raw pistachios.

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