Recovering From A Binge Eating Setback

Hey Girlie! Let me tell you about a pretty big setback I had recently. It was an absolutely amazing weekend thus far and my family and I were having a blast at our lake house. Everything was going just perfectly until Sunday right after lunch. You see, I woke up excited and eager for the day as our new boat was going to be delivered! I was so happy for my husband and son as they were both ecstatic about getting this cool ski boat. I could also see the joy in my daughter’s eyes as she watched her dad get ready for the big delivery. Everyone who was present waited in jubilant anticipation.

As the guys were tinkering around with electrical stuff the girls were chatting it up in the house while watching my grandbaby, Violet, scoot around the floor. I fixed a yummy breakfast and made lunch for all of us. Things were going great until the moment I noticed “it”…that weird inability to stop eating. You know how it just hits you completely out of the blue? It’s that crazy feeling that you are a bottomless pit and you know you have put more than enough food into your body. The reality didn’t hit me until around 3:00pm, right before the boat was scheduled to arrive.

The binge began when I started picking at the leftover biscuits from breakfast--let’s not pretend that I hadn’t already had one earlier in the morning, plus my morning superfood shake, plus lunch... yikes. So while I was not physically hungry at this time I felt an extreme sense of hunger or need to stuff my face. You see normally, after eating breakfast and lunch, I would be completely satisfied and really wouldn’t need to eat until dinner time... but not on this lovely Sunday.

This day was particularly weird because although I’d had a sensible lunch with everyone else, I felt like I wasn’t full… so I had another biscuit. At that point my daughter decided she wanted to make a s’more since we had forgotten to make them the night before while the firepit was lit. So what did I do? I decided to join her and eat three of them! I kept telling myself that they weren’t all that bad as I was using dark chocolate with almonds. I mean come on! The things we tell ourselves in the moment to give us permission to eat haphazardly. I justified it by saying it was my 15% of fun eating that I was enjoying, but I had gone way over 15% and the reality was that I wasn’t even tasting the food! I kept telling myself that it wasn’t stress eating because, “hello”, I had nothing to be stressed about in my life as I looked out on the water, reflecting on the fact that we were getting a brand new boat within the hour. The boat came and we went out on the lake, but even after the amazing boat ride I couldn’t let it go.