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Muscles Are Built In The Kitchen

Muscles are built in the kitchen just as much as in the gym. I am so thankful that I have been using this portion controlled system for almost 5 years now except for a window of time last year when I used myself as a human guinea pig and my own scientific experiment to find out what foods I was sensitive to if any at all.

I experimented with some super restrictive nutritional theories as I wanted to see how my clients were feeling and what they went through when they told me what they had tried in the past... low carb, high fat was hard and not very easy to sustain as my body needs carbs (and a Hendricks) and water every now and again.

I also wasn’t into taking something like a drink that was supposed to block this or that carb that I accidentally or intentionally ate ice cream which reminded me of all the “get skinny” quick fixes I used to do when I was in my 20s and 30s. Hello that shit was rough on my metabolism and I didn’t want to go there. I did IF (intermittent fasting) and found that it totally wrecked my metabolism and that there were times when I just wanted to eat a Saturday or Sunday breakfast with my hubby and kids and not have to stop eating by 6:00pm the night before or that evening. All of these proved too restrictive for my lifestyle, but hey I did it and learned that it wasn’t for me. My body needs all the food groups and fuel before my workouts.

I say all this to say this: all nutritional theories are not for everyone but what works for me and that has never stopped working for me is balanced macros and eating all the food groups in the right portions combined with intentional exercise (which for me is weights or my body weight).

Time and time again I have seen people blow it all away because they don’t get it...or they quit right before they get it or they let their portions creep up and put on 11 pounds around the holidays.

Don’t let that be you again! Message me! I have new groups starting each month where you will get tons of content, videos sessions, resources, plus support from not just me as your coach but my team and other like minded ladies who share your same struggle. I know that my success is in due part to these support groups and trust me I take them seriously and I expect my clients to as well! Participation is the key to staying accountable.

My goal is for you to learn what you need to know for you to live your best life now and then share it with your loved ones as I have and then watch the ripple effect happen!

Let’s do this together because guess what I will be doing it right along side you giving you all the extra tips and hacks and support that I have learned along the way. Let’s lock arms and do it together. See you on the inside!

Love ya,




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