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Mindset is Everything

Our mindset is everything when we start our journey and as we continue as it’s in those subtle little moments when our excuses start to edge their way in that can get us off have to stay centered and grounded in order to get out of your own way. . .

One way I do this is by getting quiet for a moment and closing my eyes and then envisioning all the amazing things that I am going to feel and experience as I keep my commitment to taking care of myself in this moment. I say to myself “I am going to take this time for myself to get healthier so I can have more energy and strength and in doing this I am being an example to others and this in turn fuels me to show up and get my workout done.” Try it and make your “I am” statement personal to you or use mine if it fits your goals! . .

Just know that you got this and there is always a way to hack your mindset to get you into a state of wanting to move your body intentionally. Or heck just doing a mini dance party to the music in your head will work to. Try it I dare you! 💕

Love ya!

Missy Meaux

Live. Love. Light


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