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Yes You Can!

Have you ever thought "I could NEVER do that!!" Let me tell you, exercise is like anything, takes time and effort to make progress but you WILL get stronger and improve endurance as you go. Oh my and to think that I used to not be able to go this low in these catcher burpee see all it takes is time, consistency, and whole lot of persistence to reach that place you never thought you would be able to reach.

I love the flexibility this program offers as it challenges you to get stronger while giving your body ample "time off"!
Leg Day with Joel Freeman and LIIFT4 workout program! Love it!

It truly is a gift to be able to give yourself the freedom to do something that you never thought would be possible. .

The belief that one has in another human being to be a better version of themselves is a powerful gift. I truly pray that you are using your gifts to lift others up today because honestly you only RISE by lifting others up. So do that today. Lift someone higher. Believe in Someone today!



P.S. I am super excited to begin a program with my FAVORITE trainer and a bunch of awesome women looking to better themselves! If you're interested in joining my privately coached FB group send me a note! I'd love the opportunity to encourage you! Check out the program Transform :20 HERE!


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