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Stop Cutting Yourself Short!

This goes for me as much as it goes for you girlfriend. I can’t even tell you the amount of times that I haven't paused after achieving a goal to celebrate it. I mean I am always thinking of what’s next on my “to do” list. You see I have to make myself stop and reflect on what I accomplished or all of sudden it’s gone and I am off to the races for the next project I need to do. I mean heck I just launched my revamped website and I haven’t even taken a moment to really take that in and feel just how amazing it is to complete a project of this size and magnitude. It will enable to help so many more people and really increase my reach.

So what goal are you working on right now? Have you reached some of the steps you laid out for it yet? I bet you have. I want to encourage you to celebrate those small wins because those are going to get you to the Big Win!!! Accomplishing that Dream! So keep Pressing on because I know you will do it.

I also just want to take a moment and give a huge thank you to @jam_blez for all the amazing pictures on my site! Isn't she extremely talented? yes I know she is and she like part of our family!!! Shout out to one of my very best friends @Adia_nuno for all the tireless work she has put into getting my site ready to launch and for keeping me on track with my deadline that I set. Trust me that in and of itself is a big task...hahaha!!! the keeping me on point part because I am a creative which means I am all over the place sometimes and I am super fast about it sort of like a hummingbird. You know it really does take a village and I am so blessed to have women in my life who will drop everything and be there for me when I need them!!! A huge thank you to a few of my tribe who came over for the photo shoot @lesleyistre @skysavoy@pattilynn1969 @ronaburkett and @mmekensie because I couldn’t have done it without you girls!!! Much Love!!! And finally a huge shout out to my amazing hubby @chrismmeaux for all the support and belief in me in order for me to get this done. And finally to take a moment and just know that I have come a long way on this amazing journey.

Love, Missy


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