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INNER PEACE and FORGIVENESS is what I was smiling about the moment this pic was taken. I have been doing the work with @thechrisdowning and his amazing 9 week course POIA and today I had a breakthrough right on the heels of a near quad injury yesterday. This little wake up call made me realize so much about myself and I chose to lean in to the message that I was receiving. I was so willing to listen to my body and the message which was sort of an outer body experience because getting injured is a true FEAR that I have always had but yesterday I didn’t FEAR it. I was ready to FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE rather than the old way I used to handle FEAR.

God is so good and this once again confirms that He has me as He always has.

Another moment happened when left my yoga mat at home after I'd left for vacation. I had to run into a random TJ Maxx in Daphne, AL to get one and and as I was checking out and guess what I saw? One of those cute @raedunnmugs I can’t get enough of these days with my saying on it “You got this” 😊 Guys, this is my saying that I always say to not only myself but to my girls to encourage and inspire them to be their best. .

I mean this is just one more confirmation that God is breathing life into me, my goals, and my dreams.

So no matter what, never stop being open and if you are getting closed up or closed off from the world and being your best self then it’s time to drop those anchors that are holding you down. They are sneaky and it takes work to release them but TRUST ME you can RELEASE them and RISE. xoxo, Missy


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