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Pep Talk About "The Gram": Insights From An Entrepreneur

How many shots does it take to get one #flexfriday pic? I want to help you remember that real life is not always portrayed on the gram...just like in life we never think of the backstory of all the work or repeat get back up and rise action that it has taken for success to become a REALITY. This isn’t just about careers and work but it’s also in your fitness, nutrition, body image, body confidence, family, marriage, friendships, as well entrepreneurship...quiet honestly it has to do with all of it friend!

So don’t give up on your dreams and hopes and by all means you must stop comparing your beginning or middle to someone else’s life!

Comparison is the not just the thief of JOY, it’s the damn VIGILANTE ASSAILANT to your JOY.

Yep, you heard me right because sometimes we need to shake things up in our mind that we hear all too often....the saying comparison is the thief of Joy just becomes WHITE NOISE. So today is the day for you to stop listening to your inner mean girl who wants to protect you and have you listen to your old tapes of those fears that are playing on repeat in your brain. It’s like when we were kids, we need to Stick our finger in the cassette tape and make it all unravel. .

Trust me! You DESERVE more out of Life!!! You DESERVE HAPPINESS and SELF-ACCEPTANCE .

This should always be part of your goal.

Share and save this so you can have a little pep talk in your pocket the next time you start comparing yourself to the Instagram. I believe this will help you more than you know!

Love ya,

Missy Meaux

Live. Love. Light.


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