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Living Joyfully: Insights From An Entrepreneur

In life and business things are not always joyful. I’ve witnessed and experienced a good amount of hurt, negativity, jealousy, and broken relationships in my life and specifically in my journey as an entrepreneur. Here are a couple thoughts and a little bit of my perspective on how to live joyfully amidst the challenging areas and people in life.

1. Living with bitterness against someone is like drinking the poison and hoping the other person get sick. So I have to make a conscience effort to “let it go”… It’s not worth the headache or heartache.

2. Give each other grace and the benefit of the doubt. We are all equally human and we all need grace and mercy from each other. We also are individuals and our actions and responses are going to look different from other peoples. That’s OK. Additionally, we aren’t perfect. We say that, but somehow we expect perfection from our friends and clients.

3. Just because someone doesn’t act or respond in the way you do, doesn’t make it either response particularly right or wrong. We are different people with different upbringings and life experiences.

4. Let it go and focus on the good and what’s ahead. Your story and journey is unique, so embrace it, and don’t worry about the people who are not on board… You’ve got tons of people who are! Easier said than done, trust me, I live it everyday, but I believe that with practice we can all get better at this!

You can do this! I believe in you!

Love ya,


Live. Love. Light.


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