Holiday Tips: Do's and Don'ts

With Thanksgiving behind us and December holidays ahead, you may believe that stress is just part of the package... BUT I am here to tell you that you can truly ENJOY this season... from start to finish! Check a few of these Dos and DON'Ts to help your stress level stay at an all time holiday low!

DON'T try to Impress with a Particular Gift: When your mindset is that to "impress" you will miss out on the things that might be most heartfelt. Instead, think about the times you've shared with that particular person and the things that have made them smile and laugh... then PINTEREST those ideas! Trust me, you'll have so many amazing options that will fit your loved on just right!

DON'T Focus on QuaNtity vs QuaLity A single good gift is always better than a bunch of gifts that will be trashed, sit on a shelf, or be re-gifted. Your hard earned money is better spent on that "one" thing you KNOW they will love verses a bunch of "filler" type gifts!

DON'T Commit to Extravagant Entertaining

I know you threw a party to end all parties last year, but your guest will love you even if the decor is a little more simple, the food catered vs homemade, and the location is a cozy home! Don't over-stress... just be the amazing hostess you are and everything will fall into place!

DO prioritize time with the most important people in your life

With a seemingly endless invitation list the holidays can come with lots of parties you probably would be better off not accepting the invite. There are only so many hours in a day... and weekends in the month of December, so say "no" to invitations that you feel obligated to say "yes" to, and "yes" to the invitations where you will be around the people you'd rather not live without!

DO utilize online shops for gift-giving

While browsing through stores can be fun and relaxing, you can get the same items, often for less money, and delivered right to your door (next day even!) I personally LOVE Amazon Prime because the orders are simple, there is ample opportunity to price match, and returns are easy if necessary! Plus, your recipients won't realize whether or not you waited in long lines or simply re-wrapped a delivered package!