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The Power of the MindSET: Insights From An Entrepreneur

Thinking about my new/old book I started reading again...did you know that Fear can be overcome. .

It’s true and I know this from experience. Trust me as I have had to overcome my share of some crazy huge fears in my life. .

You know what I learned though was that the common thread at being able to overcome them was first the conditioning of my mind. .

It’s all about Mindset and I had to first acknowledge the fact that I was acting out of fear. I then had to realize and accept that my God was pretty damn big and He could and would take care of me if I sought Him and asked Him. The next step was to become willing to have Him take care of it! Not me but Him. .

Of course I had to take the action in this process right and trust me it was never perfect action and most often it was sort of pretty darn messy action. You know the kind of messy where you have absolutely no clue of what you are doing but you are still doing it!

It’s about just Trusting and Believing that He has you every step of the way. Yes that’s the kind! .

So today as I started reading this book again from the start with a new pair of lenses, it sure does sound so very familiar to me. I was able to see that I am sort of a Bad@$$ Warrior and that I have done some pretty tough stuff and overcame even more than I realized in my life! .

So I just want to take this moment to encourage you today and let you know that if you are feeling fear right now in one or more areas of your life then you probably could use a little trip back in time yourself. Just take a moment and realize how much of a FREAKIN WARRIOR you truly are and stop letting FEAR drive you. There is to much to be done on this Earth and you have been called to Rise and Transcend! So Fly Girl Fly! You have Wings for a Reason!

Love ya!

Missy Meaux

Live. Love. Light.


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