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I Am Elevated

I am elevated. What does this phrase/affirmation mean to you? To me it means that my awareness is always expanding as I always look to my highest good.

Our awareness is our ability to see beyond our current circumstances. We get to take a step up and see the whole picture and view it from a different set of eyes.

Our highest good is always working for us, not against us.

I want you to feel elevated too! If you need to say it over and over until you believe it, then do it! Positive thoughts and affirmations are so important for our mental health, especially during this time in our world.

Sometimes its hard to see the positive in the moment due to stress, anxiety, and whatever else might be bothering you. But there IS a silver lining! I want to encourage you to pray to your Heavenly Father for wisdom, understanding, and peace. Then, reach out to other friends who can lend a listening ear and give you a word of encouragement.

You have the power to guide yourself with your choices, action, and affirmations. Unfollow the negative BS that’s torturing you right now and pour yourself into things that will build you up

To stay elevated, sometimes you need to do things that keep your mind busy and off of all the negative stuff. Everyone at some point of their life has to learn to cope. It doesnt mean that every day is good, it means there is something good in everyday. Learning the ways you cope best is what it's all about.

I am here to say that you can get through hard stuff and maintain a state of elevation.

Love ya!

Missy Meaux

Live. Love. Light.


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